I met Natalie at the age of 14 at a swimming pool in Seguin Tx. WOW! On sight with insight. 🙂 To this day, I still believe God blessed me with the one lady I would need for a life partner and friend. So many stories and so many adventures we have had. Much to say on this page, I just need to sit down and take the time to share stories…to be continued.

STORY 1 – I met Nat early on. I’m not even sure what a girlfriend was suppose to act like or how I was suppose to treat someone of the opposite sex. I just knew when I first met that I was suppose lay aside everything and follow her…and thats what I did. I was mesmerized, traumatized, hypnotized, and most of all paralyzed at a little girl who was so beautiful. Im sure that when you look up the word in the dictionary there is a picture of her face. As every young man knows, you can’t let her know how much she has “weakened me” as my grandson says. He tells me that girls will weaken a man so he is going to take his time. (btw, his little “girlfriend” of 8 yrs. old just told him she wanted to call it off) Maybe thats why he says this…nevertheless, Natalie and I began seeing each other at a young age. I had a girlfriend (kind of) at the time and immediately  (almost immediately) “broke up” to what I call “rescue” Natalie. Natalie had many “friends” (who were boys) and one day took a chance to meet me. It was our first official date at the movies. I had a blast speaking and looking at someone so nice, independent, beautiful, and strong. Yet underneath all the external (not literally, I was too young), I saw a little girl who was broken, angry, hurt, and in need of someone to care. Just in time! A princess needing to be rescued and cared for all the days of her life. Braveheart had not come out yet so that was not even on the radar. The movie I can describe that was showing at the time was “Grease”. Yep…I was Travolta and she was the “hot” Olivia Newton-John. Today, we are in our 27th year of marriage. I still see the beauty in her and I still try to act cool and prove my love for her. One day she may hear the sounds of Grease, “Your the One That I Love…”