In a Hilton Hotel. With my wife but she is shopping right now and I am sitting here catching up on some devotions and reflecting on 2o yrs ago how God spoke to me and told me that I would be coming to this school. I went by the motel where He spoke and thanked Him. As we drove around there is a joy and a sorrow in my heart. The joy is that there are so many churches here and they look as if though they are alive and growing…I base this just from the exterior of the facility. Many times what one sees on the outside is but a reflection of t=whats on the inside. Also am aware that the opposite can be true as well. Nevertheless, many ministries like LifeChurch.tv, GutsChurch, etc…. are here and doing well. At the same time, there are churches and facilities that I use to visit that are really worn down and/or being torn down. Not sure what happened but what once was a dream and a thriving ministry has now ended its season. Could it be that the ministry season be around the 20yr mark. I sure hope not.

My prayer immediately rises out of my spirit is that the ministry that God has allowed to us to lead will outlast us and will be transitioned in a healthy way so that it can continue to live and remain alive! Lord, please help me to fulfill your plan but to also have the wisdom to place in the right hands when the time comes. I KNOW i am only one part of the race here is Seguin.

Today, God is bringing me back to my roots. The first time the Holy Spirit spoke to me was in Seguin and He led me to a book to read. The book was Bro Hagins “I went To Hell”. Little did I know that I would wind up coming and attending his school several years later. The foundation of FAITH, LOVE. and BEING LED BY THE SPIRIT are still the basis of my daily walk.

I love this place of reflection and ask that God continue keep me in His hands. Lord, lead me as You always have.



JOHN 12 (day 12 of 21)

The backdrop of chapter 12 is taken after the raising of Lazarus from the grave. One of the most amazing miracles of the day. He sits in the home of His friend and Lazarus and the rest are filled with thanksgiving for the miracle. Even so much that very costly perfume was used to honor Him.

Yet, in the midst of thanksgiving and praise, there is always a betrayer awaiting to distort the moment of blessing. Selfishness is a constant pull and forever rises up in the midst of glorifying God. What I love about the passage is that Jesus comes and speaks for the worshipper. He silences the distraction and speaks, “let her alone”. Today He continues to intercede for us. He sits at the right hand of the Father calling out our name. Assuring us that He is ever present to hear our worship and protect us from the traps of the betrayer.

The following day, Hosannas come from many who had heard ad had seen the miracle. Greeks came to seek Him, Pharisees came to kill Him and his friend Lazarus. The battle continues for the hearts of men. Worshippers and complainers alike walk side by side appealing for the Masters attention. Christ continues to speak truth.

Johns purpose comes alive as He writes about the Fathers approval to the Son. So clear that even those around would hear but many would not recognize. Jesus proclaims, “I must be lifted up…” John captures our hearts and appeals to our belief system. Will You Believe? I am the Light…will you see? Jesus cries:

John 12:44 Then Jesus cried out and said, “He who believes in Me, believes not in Me but in Him who sent Me.

John 12:45 And he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me.

John 12:46 I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.