“As you pray, more light will come”

It all began here. 1990, Natalie and I moved to Broken Arrow, OK. to attend bible school. I was a part of a prayer group where we would get up early and attend Prayer and Healing Center to pray over the request given us. I entered the center and received my request and went into this little 12×10 empty room with chairs around the edges. No one was present but me…physically anyway. I knelt down in the corner facing the wall and began to pray…then suddenly…

He came. The Spirit of God came and invaded that moment. Simple vision: a dark cloud so black nothing could penetrate it…Until I began to pray. As I prayed a beam of light pierced through the darkness and the darkness could not comprehend it. It tried to distinguish its beam but to no avail. Then I heard, “As you pray, more light will come.” Just like a good little catholic boy, I obeyed the voice and prayed more. Sure enough, just as He said, more light came”

Just like a Hollywood scene, the camera began to zoom out of the dark cloud and I noticed it was over a geographical area but it was not clear yet. So I prayed the more. More light came and it began to get clear. I realized I was praying over the city of Seguin and the location was Central Park, where I grew up.

In my spirit, I knew that it was a privilege of mine to pray for this city and to hold it close to my heart simply because the Creator had it close to His heart and wanted His Light to penetrate this area. Little did I know that 25 years later, He would ask me to plant a church there.

Natalie and I received a mandate to began Crossroads in late 2006, after a time of fasting and prayer in Mason, Tx. As we stepped out in faith, the first place I came to begin Crossroads was where it all began…Central Park in Seguin, Tx. We prayed and believed God would honor His Word which He always does. Last night at Central Park during our Candlelight service was even more confirmation.

Honestly, this all began in the heart of God, before any of us could have imagined. He has a plan and purpose in this community and I endeavor to be a part it. He also has a specific purpose for you as well. Obedience is a must.

Join us and be a part of an exciting time here in Seguin. Pray and see the light continue to get brighter and brighter!

Sola Fide,
Pastor Marcus