SUDDENLY” is one of the most loved scriptures for me. I have experienced God in so many various ways…reading the bible…worship…long prayer and fasting  journeys of pressing in and working out the salvation experience he desires in us all. But what I love most about my walk with Jesus is when does something in my life … SUDDENLY!!!

No plan, no agenda, no calendar, nothing on my part but everything initiated by God!

Tonight, we experienced Night of Worship and there was a plan, for baptism, for prayer, and certain songs were chosen for the experience. But then all of a sudden…. God pours out His love and individuals began to feel the need to get baptized and identify their life with Christ…. So the picture here is one of those spontaneous   moments that God does so well.

Tomorrow, can I encourage you to plan, pray, and pursue God but I want you to do one more thing….EXPECT FOR SUDDENLY TO HAPPEN.